Short Video Demo for Rhema Speak to Hear software

We have uploaded a short video on youtube at the request of a friend.  The link is:

It is our plan to develop RhemaSTH has a complete unit that would enable a speech and hearing impared person to

1. Train using available speech corpus in their language and phonetic training graphics, as provided by the University of Iowa, on a tablet pc.  This would open their vocal chords to express themselves audibly clear to the listner.

2. Provide a blue toothe enabled tactile hardware that would enable them sense the audio, to understand the feedback of what they are saying as well as what others are saying to them.  (this is the second stage.)

3. With both integrated into a handheld mobile device, the user can hear phone calls, listen to people and other sounds and be aware of their surroundings.

We have just completed the 1st stage with some training with the students for such handicapped children.  I would say that even with little training they were able to pick few words and these guys are totally deaf and dumb.  This has surely encouraged us and we are certain many of them will benefit if they could have their own tablet pc with the software loaded.  Their energy and tenacity will surely get them to be on par with any normal person.

We propose to provide the whole applications as free open source and hope the final hardware unit will be within US$100 and easily assembled by anyone with some technical know how.

Support and co-operation with people who can share share the wealth of knowledge they have accumulated from past experiences would helpful and welcome..


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