Rhema STS Record

Rhema STS Record

1. Add word in the Name Field  
2. Select option for the word text to speech or call phone or both
3. Click add to select a corresponding image for the word as a jpeg file
4. Click the add button to add the word and image to the system
5.  click on record to record the relevant voice sound.  It need not be a normally recognizable phnetic audio.
6.  click the record button will change to stop and when the audio is over, press to stop
7.  Continue steps 5 and 6 to add more samples for the same word. 10 times will be a a good sampling given the possibility of difference in sound from the same person.
8.  Add any number of words to the system by following steps 1 to 7
9.  When the process is completed press the train button.  The system will automatically train all the words and audio recorded into the system.  NOw you are ready to play.


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