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“Rhema Speak to Speak” software for those with permanent speech impairment

The Rhema Speech to Speech software will work for anyone with any type of ability to make an audio with or without the ability to enunciate consonants, full words etc.  One system will work for one person only.  That persons audio will be translated as a word and played back.  So each person will have their own system that could be used to communicate with others over phone or directly.

We have made two videos to show you how it works, one for recording and one for playback. Please click on the corresponding links to view the videos below.

For more information please write to sam.jm@owtsar.co.in

rhemasts record  http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1375442018

1. Add word in the Name Field
2. Select option for the word text to speech or call phone or both
3. Click add to select a corresponding image for the word as a jpeg file
4. Click the add button to add the word and image to the system
5.  click on record to record the relevant voice sound.  It need not be a normally recognizable phnetic audio.
6.  click the record button will change to stop and when the audio is over, press to stop
7.  Continue steps 5 and 6 to add more samples for the same word. 10 times will be a a good sampling given the possibility of difference in sound from the same person.
8.  Add any number of words to the system by following steps 1 to 7
9.  When the process is completed press the train button.  The system will automatically train all the words and audio recorded into the system.  NOw you are ready to play.

rhemasts play  http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1375442520

1.  This is how it will be displayed for the user on the pc monitor or tablet/smart phone screen
2.  Click the start button and produce the audio and press stop button
3.  The system will retrieve the tagged word and display as shown.
4.  By touching the image it will activate the programed sequence, such as dialling a number and passing the related word as voice. If it is text to speech option, then  the audio for the text will be played through the speaker.


Rhema – Speak to Hear Software Release.

Sharon Systems announces the release of the Rhema STH ver 00.01 today as an open source software application (FOSS) today.

Rhema STH is designed to help those with speech disability.  It helps the individual train their vocal outputs to a Master wave form already recorded and stored in the system.  The system is designed to accept readily available speech corpus of any language.  Sphinx, the software provided by Carnegie Mellon University, will assimilate the corpus to enable the use of that language in the system.

The first version is being released with the hope and confidence that more talented and interested developers would join in the effort to make a truly viable software application that would help the 416 million people with this disability.

Sharon systems has tested this version with the students of the Dr. MGR school for the speech and hearing impaired, Chennai, India with the kind co-operation of its Principal Mrs Latha Rajendran.

A  Tablet PC version for Android, will be released soon.  It would help the individual to train with little help from others, to match the wave form and test word recognition by the system.